Example of a hero essay

Courage, decisiveness, courage, nobility, the ability to sacrifice yourself in the name of another person or a meaningful idea – these are the most important characteristics of a true hero. History knows many examples of how persevering and decisive people sacrificed themselves, deliberately participated in desperate ventures and performed great deeds…

No matter what happens, even with the approach of life-threatening, they retain their human face and do not stick to betrayal, betrayal, deception. Several examples of great courage of spirit can be found in the works of classical literature. Many of them are on the pages of historical chronicles..

Characteristics of the hero’s essay


According to research, understanding and paying attention to others are the most important factors that contribute to courage. People who help other people in spite of danger and suffering act in this way because they really care about the safety and comfort of others. The study also found that people who are prone to heroism are also compassionate. The psychology of great courage cannot be thoroughly studied, but many experts believe it is possible to find a way to be courageous. Here are some key features that researchers attribute to heroes…

Many of my friends say that their fathers are very busy with their office work. They come home late from work and have to walk with colleagues on weekends. But I am happy that my father values ​​his personal relationships just as much as his work. He makes sure he gets home on time and spends time with us..

Essay on heroism

In addition, there is another kind of heroism – the heroism of the spirit. The ability to maintain honor and dignity under all circumstances, to remain faithful and loyal to their principles and moral standards. Such heroes do not break down under the influence of adverse external factors..