The market of tablets not be as aggressive as it had been a few years back. Mainly because of the absence of innovation and software that’s properly oriented for this type of apparatus. However, there are several companies still gambling on big screens. Aside from standard tablets, Xiaomi also invests in LCD writing tablets for a particular market of consumers. The Chinese company has crowdfunded many LCD composing pills in the past few years. Some of the favorite ones would be the Wicue LCD writing tablet as well as the Mijia LCD Digital Drawing Tablet. Now, the business is crowdfunding a fresh kids-oriented Xiaoxun 16-inch Shade LCD Tablet on its crowdfunding system — Youpin. It comes with a large display featuring high-quality LCD and a bunch of new features. Xiaoxun 16-inch Shade LCD chief features As aforementioned, the Xiaoxun 16-inch Shade LCD tablet is built with youngsters in mind, but it can really be used by anybody. As normal, the pill may be used for drawing and tablets. Furthermore, it is ready to exhibit three colours — blue, yellow, green. That is a significant advancement over the Mijia LCD Digital Drawing Tablet which can only show a single color. The Xiaoxun has a metal stylus that attaches magnetically to the side of this desk exactly enjoy the iPad’s Xiaomi kids-oriented 16-inch tablet stylus. One other important feature is its support for stress. To put it differently, users can determine the depth of the lines drawn in line with the pressure applied on the display. The Xiaoxun 16-inch includes one button in the bottom of the screen allowing the user to rapidly erase the screen’s content. Moreover, there’s a lock on the side that functions to disable the button. By doing this, you will not be accidentally erasing the material. The pill features an ABS Polycarbonate construct which should ensure it is fairly light even for its size. When it concerns the total dimensions the pill measures x x centimeters but its own weight is a puzzle, sadly. The same as other drawing tablets, the Xiaoxun 16-inch Color LCD Tablet boasts a CR2025 coin battery which should last up to two years before needing replacement. As aforementioned, this pill has kids in mind but may be used by anybody. But, because of the kid-centric character , it comes in vibrant colors — Pink and Blue. Users wanting to rear the Xiaoxun 16-inch job will ensure among the initial units, it is available for 199 Yuan, or even $28 in the Youpin shop. Regrettably, for global customers, this doesn’t appear to be a item which is going to be accessible out of China.