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For those unofficial titles given with respect, such as “Lord” or “Prophet”, the word “Identified” is used here. I have to keep this in mind when writing in English..

Historically, many titles have been inherited. Some historical titles were randomly selected by lot or purchased immediately..

Supernatural titles apply only to deceased figures such as saints or superhuman beings such as angels and gods. In the way in which the title is usually achieved. Most title holders are appointed to their rank by someone higher in the system or elected by equal people in the system..

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Local titles are those with authority in a metropolitan area or similar area, such as the mayor. Provincial titles are those that have authority over a constituent state, such as the Governor of the United States. Regional titles are titles that have authority over several constituent states, such as a federal judge. Court titles do not have their sovereign power, but they have a high prestige and, perhaps, are able to influence it. Likewise, diplomatic titles do not retain their sovereignty, but are endowed with the equivalent of sovereignty by the head of state…

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National titles are defined at the level of the head of government or head of state with authority over a sovereign nation. Supranational titles are those that have power over many sovereign countries..