When working with Dante Digital Soundcard or Dante Controller, your Computer system or Mac need to be connected to the Main and/or Secondary Dante network, and ought to have a right IP deal with. Note: If a gadget name is revealed in crimson, it means Dante Controller has quickly detected an error problem, this sort of as an IP tackle configuration situation, or the gadget has entered failsafe.

Double-click the red product title to see a lot more information and facts. Correct IP configuration. Dante components units are established to attain their IP tackle automatically from the community. They will either:Automatically assign themselves an handle in the vary 169. 254. *. * (172. 31. *. * for the secondary community if current), or Obtain an IP address from a DHCP server if it is present on the network. Your Computer or Mac TCP/IP community configuration set need to be established to ‘Obtain an IP handle automatically’. This way it will automatically receive a Hyperlink Area automated IP deal with in the exact community as other Dante equipment.

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If a DHCP server is existing, the laptop and Dante gadgets will all purchase their IP addresses through DHCP. Possible IP network configuration faults. Possible community configuration glitches are stated down below. Dante Controller will attempt to instantly detect these. If detected the offending machine will be displayed in crimson. Incorrect Pc/Mac IP configuration. Acc >Unusual — for case in point, another person could have a Laptop connected to the network with a DHCP server functioning that they’re not informed of. Incorrectly configured static IP addresses. You shouldn’t commonly need to configure static IP addresses at all. https://what-is-my-ip.co/ If for some cause you do, it must be in the exact same subnet as the relaxation of the network. Incorrect redundant network configuration. Setting up a redundant network is explained in ‘Routing Audio’.

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There are a couple means to incorrectly configure a redundant community. More than one particular of these can be existing at the very same time. Connecting the secondary interface of a Dante product to the key community. Most frequently by possibly misunderstanding how redundancy works, and making use of only a single change with all cables connected to it or correctly using two switches or networks, but accidentally connecting 1 secondary cable to a main network swap. Joining the primary and secondary Dante networks. By connecting major and secondary switches, or most likely just making use of a person change. Multiple interfaces on the exact unit utilizing the same IP tackle subnet. Possibly by obtaining the identical DHCP server on equally most important and secondary networks, or both of those DHCP servers configured to provide the identical IP addresses. Also, mixing DHCP and Hyperlink Area on the exact same network can trigger difficulties.

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It is normally required to have all devices and the pc on possibly DHCP or Hyperlink Regional. What are the indicators of making use of the erroneous network interface on my pc?If you have extra than 1 wired community interface, and Dante Controller is not using the interface the relaxation of the Dante devices are related to:Dante Controller cannot see any Dante products Dante Digital Soundcard is not sending or receiving any audio when it is predicted to. How do I check which network interfaces Dante Controller is working with?

The picked network interfaces can be viewed or transformed by using the ‘interface selection’ button in the Network View toolbar of Dante Controller.