Duplicate and assign different template styles

Most Joomla! templates let you change there options and settings from the Joomla internal template manager. But what if you want a certain setting on one (sub-) page only?
For example: The pixelsparadise.com "UberStudio" template comes with the option to select different background images on the templates options screen. But what if you want to use background image 1 on page A and background image 2 on page B of your Joomla site?
The solution is simple: Duplicate the template style, change the background image for that new style and assign it to page A. Do it again but select another background image for the second copy and assign it to page B.
Sounds complicated? Watch the video tutorial below to learn more:

Coming soon: "UberStudio"

This is a very first preview screenshot of my upcoming Joomla 1.5/1.7 template. The working title is "UberStudio" and I will release it within the next week (between August 30th and September 2nd 2011). It will be a clean corporate template with a lot of whitespace, made with a small architecture bureau or art/design agency in mind. The screenshot above is a very early one. The design process is done to 50% - 70%. So there can be smaller (...and bigger) changes till the release.

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Under what license do you publish your Joomla templates?

General PixelsParadise Template License

All PixelsParadise Templates are released under the GPL version 2.0 license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html GNU/GPLv2).  If not otherwise stated, all images, cascading style sheets, and included JavaScript files are NOT GPL, and are released under the PixelsParadise Proprietary User License (See below). Elements of the template released under this proprietary license may not be redistributed or repackaged for use other than those allowed by the Terms of Service of the club.

Proprietary User License

The PixelsParadise Proprietary Use License is a GPL compatible license that pertains only to the images (all included .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp files) , cascading style sheets (all .css files), JavaScript elements (.js files) and included Photoshop source files (files with .psd extension) of PixelsParadise Templates. As stated by the GPL version 2.0 license, these elements that are not compiled together but are sent independently of GPL code, and combined in a client's browser, do not have to be GPL themselves. These images, cascading style sheets and JavaScript elements are copyright protected by PixelsParadise and can be used and manipulated for your own (Basic, Professional and Developer members) or your clients purposes (Developer members only). You cannot redistribute these files as your own, or include them in a package or extension of your own. The use of these portions are bound to the number of Website Project Licenses your membership provides as well as the restrictions on distribution that the Terms of Service outline.

Pixelsparadise.com relaunched!

Hey! Welcome to the all new pixelsparadise.com website. The old site was launched in 2006 so it was really time for something new. The most important thing, beside the new design and functions, is that pixelsparadise.com is now a membership based site instead of an eshop with single products. I´am sure you want to know what it mean to you (especially if you are already a customer). So here are some FAQ´s answered:

What does it mean for me - FAQ´s

Why do you transform pixelsparadise.com to a membership based site?
The acceptance for a club site in the Joomla template world is much higher if I compare the conversion rate of clubjoomla.com (my second Joomla template site) and pixelsparadise.com. A customer gets more for his/her money (1 template for 25 Euros vs. 39 Euros for all existing templates, you do the math...), while it is easier for my to maintain a club site than a shop site. And running a shop site (pixelsparadise.com) and a club site (clubjoomla.com) at the same time cost more work (means less time to create new templates) and is harder to advertise, to build up a brand and a community (because you have to split everything). Focusing on just one website means more time for the important things: Creating new templates and customer support.

Will there be an option to buy just one template?
Yes, just drop me a line with the name of the template and your PayPal address and I will send out an invoice and the template file manually. The price per template is 25.00 Euro plus VAT (for EU customers without valid VAT ID).

What happens with me and my pixelsparadise.com shop account?
The old site will stay online at the subdomain www.shop.pixelsparadise.com. So you can re- download your template and access your account, but the shopping function will be disabled so that you can´t buy new templates. And new released templates will not be available at this site and I will shut it down after 1 year.

I´am currently a member at clubjoomla.com. What happens to my club account?
Clubjoomla.com will also stay online. But the creation of new accounts or the extension of current accounts will be disabled. After the last account expires I will shut down the site too. But new templates will be available till the last account was closed. So you don´t loose anything.

Is there an option to transfer my clubjoomla.com account to your new membership site?
Yes, send me a email including your username from clubjoomla. I will create a new “developer” account for you at the new pixelsparadise.com site. Your new account will use the same username and will expire at the same date your old account would expire. Plus I will add an extra month for all who switch to the new site as a small “thank you” for staying with pixelsparadise.com. I will send out a random password, but which can be changed from your new account. Because its a manual process please give me 24 - 48 hrs. for it. After you new account is active and everything is fine I will close your old account at clubjoomla.com.

I´am a pixelsparadise.com customer and I brought 1+ template(s) already. Can I get a discount if I join up at the new club site?
Yes, just join up like a normal but new member. Than let me know your new username and your old order number(s) and I will refund up to 100% of the original payments from 2011, limited by 50% of your new membership fee.

1. You already ordered one template for 25 Euros in 2011 and you join up as a "Basic" member for 39 Euros. I will refund 19,50 Euros (= the maximum of 50% of your membership fee) via PayPal.
2. You brought two templates in 2011 for a total of 50 Euros and you join up as a “Developer” member for 149 Euros. The maximum I will refund is 74,50 Euros (=50% of 149 Euros). So I will give you a full discount for 50 Euros for your new account and you get back 100% of your former orders.
Please note: Because it is a manual process please give me 24 -48 hrs. for it and that tax is not refundable.

I´am an affiliate of pixelsparadise.com. Is there anything I have to do?
No, you don´t have to do anything. The new prices will apply automatically to your comission. So you don´t get 20% from a single template for 25 Euros, but 20% from the three membership types (39 Euros, 69 Euros and 149 Euros). So while the %% rate will stay the same you get more comission per sale.

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Payed but no (full) access till now...?

Q: Hm, I joined pixelsparadise.com some hours ago but I can´t login. Whats wrong?
A: There can be some resons why your account is still inactive. Please check the following:
1. Do you receive your activation link by mail? If not check your spam folder.
2. Do you use the activation link? If not click on the link in the mail.
3. Do you use the right username/passoword combination? During the creation of your account a separate mail with your account data will be send out. Make sure you use exactly the same username/password combination from this mail.
4. Sometimes it happends that the payment process was interrupted or that the browser window was closed before the payment process was finalized. Check your PayPal/Credit Card account. If there is no payment you can re- initiate the payment process from your account at pixelsparadise.com. Use your account data to login and follow the instructions.
5. Nothing helps? Contact me and I will take care of it.

Can I remove the copyright/credit link?

Q: Can I remove the small copyright "Design by pixelsparadise.com" link at the bottom of the template?
A: If you are Professional or Developer member, yes. Feel free to remove it. If you are a Basic member: Sorry, no. The link must stay intact.

How can I upgrade/renew my account?

Q: Hey, I want to renew my closed account or upgrade to another membership level. How I can do that?
A: Login using the "login" button in the upper right corner of pixelsparadise.com. Than use this link or click on the "Your Membership" link in the footer section of pixelsparadise.com to access your membership overview page. Hit the "Upgrade/Renew" button and select your new membership level.

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