"WhiteTrail" coming soon - A Bootstrap based Joomla 3.0 template

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More than 4 weeks ago I released my last template..a long time compared with my normal 2-3 weeks release circle. The reason for this delay was a major change on my own template framework. Till now I used the brilliant responsive grid framework Foundation as, ahm, foundation for my Joomla templates...but Joomla 3.0 is out for a while and it uses a very similar framework called Bootstrap (which is also awesome) for its backend and provide it for the frontend. Both frameworks are not very compatible to each other and there are some conflicts. So it makes sense to use just one framework to avoid this conflicts, keep the templates fast and lightweight and streamline the design process...and I decide to switch to Bootstrap. I start from scratch and build a new Joomla template framework and use the time to add more functions, easier layout options and a better overall performance.

The new framework is ready and I´am nearly done with my first template based on it. It is called "WhiteTrail"and I will release it before christmas, so stay tuned and/or follow Pixelsparadie.com on Twitter or Facebook...

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